How to order

Step1:  Please visit our website:
Step 2: Visit gift categories and choose gift items.
Step 3: Click on product images to view details > click Add to cart to store product in your online shopping cart/basket > and then click on Shopping Cart to view total product and price details.
Step 4: Click on Checkout. 
Step 5: If you are a new customer, please click on Continue to Checkout button to register with your details. If you already have an account in our website, please type your email address and password in the left side of this page to login. 
Step 6: On the new customer registration page (Your invoice information), you must fill up the blank, which is marked > you have to accept and tick Terms & Condition. To proceed, click on Submit and Continue.
Step 7: After registration/login, you will have to provide a valid address for gift delivery. You will also have the option to select delivery date and time
Step 8: If you have a cake, please provide cake wish too.
Step 9: Click Place Order Now to submit your order
Step 10: Choose your preferred method and click on Payment